Meet Lyndee and Leela Sivasnkar Prickitt, the hosts of Newsy Pooloozi, a news and information podcast for kids

Newsy Pooloozi – The Beginning!

Jun 28, 2020 Episode Trailer

Newsy Pooloozi is a news and information podcast for kids like host Leela Sivasankar Prickitt. The half-Indian, half-American eight-year-old is bubbling with curiosity about the world.

Our family-friendly educational podcast delivers top news stories of the week in an understandable yet fun manner. Produced by Lyndee Prickitt, an American journalist based in India with 20 years experience with Reuters and the BBC, Newsy Pooloozi is a grassroots media initiative fuelled by the passion, curiosity and imagination of this dynamic mother-daughter duo.

Also, ours is a podcast for kids by kids, which is why every episode features guests (ahem ahem… kid correspondents) from all over the world.

So, would you like to know more about the coolest news podcast for kids, by kids? Then check out this snazzy page on our backstory!

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