Good dirt, Indian election, new Zealandia continent, Spanish snail festival, evil laugh comp

Get the dirt on World Environment Day, who won the Indian election, the new Zealandia continent, a snail-eating festival in Spain and an evil...

Jun 6, 2024 Episode 181

Asian primate self – medicates , whale alphabet, Kiwi rockets, Great Dutch racoon escape

Indonesian orangutang self-medicates, updates on whale-talk and the pig kidney transplant, Kiwi rockets and the Great Dutch racoon escape

May 22, 2024 Episode 180

New version of Scrabble, Indian teenage chess champ, whales “talk,” freaky fossils, stowaway cat.

Scrabble gets a redo, new Indian chess champ, deciphering whale “talk,” freakishly big fossils discovered and the stowaway cat.

May 8, 2024 Episode 179

Straws save coral, eco-warrior grannies, Taylor breaks records, Borneo bird nests, travel anxiety...

It’s the last straw for Florida coral, Swiss eco warrior grannies, Taylor breaks records (again), Indonesia’s spitting bird nests and the...

Apr 24, 2024 Episode 178

“Fake ” diamonds, pig transplant, a gaming granny and cross – bred croissants

LGD diamonds on the rise, pig kidney transplant, UK’s gaming granny and France’s cross-bred croissants

Apr 10, 2024 Episode 177

Wacky archaeological discoveries, 4-day work-week, Ariana’s gran rocks it, baseball’s spring...

Ancient and medieval discoveries that will wow you, 4-day work-week debate, Ariana Grande’s grandma breaks records, baseball’s spring...

Mar 27, 2024 Episode 176

New aquatic species, tiny loud fish, new water exoplanet, DST explained, “shroom frog.”

New marine life discovered, tiny but loud fish, new watery planet discovered, Daylight Saving Explained and the shroom-sprouting frog!

Mar 13, 2024 Episode 175

School cell phone ban, massive solar park, biggest cruise ship, tiniest escape room

Cell phone ban in UK schools, India’s massive solar and wind park, world’s biggest cruise ship and Spain’s tiniest escape room

Feb 28, 2024 Episode 174

Happy Chinese New Year, UK “blood rain,” Italian DNA “poop patrol”

Gong xi fa cai, everyone – or Happy Lunar New Year! Plus, what’s up with the UK’s “blood rain” and Italians use doggie DNA for...

Feb 14, 2024 Episode 173

New Ram Temple, food fumes upcycled, Amazon discovery, UK’s naughty parrots

India’s new controversial Ram temple, food fumes upcycled with Swedish innovation, Amazon’s ancient city discovery, UK’s foul-mouthed...

Jan 31, 2024 Episode 172

Happy Lohri and Pongal! Plus miracle volcanic clay and cats get credibility in Singapore

South Asia celebrates its winter sun harvest festivals, miracle volcanic clay and cats get credibility in Singapore

Jan 17, 2024 Episode 171

Special announcement from your favorite wacky world news pod!

Newsy Pooloozi is changing its schedule and calling on new kid correspondents and writers to join the podcast in 2024!

Jan 11, 2024 Bonus

Hear the biggest news stories of 2023 before diving into the new year!

Hear the biggest news stories of 2023 – some awful, some hopeful – before diving into the new year!

Jan 3, 2024 Episode 170

Listen back to our best wacky, oddball stories from 2023!

Listen back to our best oddball stories from 2023 – yes, the wackiest world news stories from the last year all in one place!

Dec 20, 2023 Episode 169

Listen back to our best nature and animal stories of 2023!

It’s that time of year for our Best Of’s – listen back to our best nature and animal stories of 2023!

Dec 14, 2023 Episode 168

Carbon capturers, magic bacteria, dino news, Xmas markets, sleeping students

Capturing carbon with stone and bacteria, Brazil and Mongolia dinosaur news, Germany’s Christmas markets and China’s sleeping students

Dec 6, 2023 Episode 167

Wild “super pigs,” attacking bears, whales return home, snake on the loose

Wild “super pigs” rampage N America, bears attack in Japan, blue whales return to Indian Ocean and venomous snake loose in N’lands

Nov 29, 2023 Episode 166

Insect extinction, echidna back from brink, Diwali record breaker, Swedes say “hey”

Insect extinction threat, cute echidna back from the brink, India’s Diwali record breaker, Swedes campaign to be neighborly

Nov 22, 2023 Episode 165

Autumn festivals from Diwali, Hungry Ghost, Day of the Dead, Guy Fawkes and more!!

Hear about autumn festivals around the world from Diwali, Hungry Ghost, Day of the Dead, Guy Fawkes and more!

Nov 15, 2023 Episode 164

Electric roads, Taylor joins new club, Rickrolled explained, mummy buried

Electric road in Sweden, Taylor Swift makes a new chart, slang expression Rickrolled explained, Pennsylvania mummy given big burial

Nov 1, 2023 Episode 163

French bed bugs, Oz “Voice” vote, mixed-up world cup, camouflage frog

France’s bed bug infestation, Australia’s Aboriginal “Voice” vote, a mixed-up world cup and the curious camouflaging of a flying frog

Oct 18, 2023 Episode 162

War in Israel, marathon record breaker, fast food outlets sued, elderly skydiver

Israel is at war with Hamas in Gaza, Kenyan’s marathon record breaker, US fast food outlets sued and a very elderly skydiver

Oct 11, 2023 Episode 161

Goat firefighters, melting Swiss glaciers, Neanderthal mixing, animals on the loose

Goats and AI used to fight fires in California, Swiss glaciers melt at record pace, humans have Neanderthal mix, animals on the loose

Oct 4, 2023 Episode 160

Korean Thanksgiving, asteroid rocks, Taylor “Swiftposium,” Oz surfing snake

Korean’s say Happy Chuseok, NASA brings asteroid rocks to Earth, Australia to host Taylor “Swiftposium,” Oz bans surfing snake

Sep 27, 2023 Episode 159

Ocean voices, ancient cave art, stolen Van Gogh and lying down competition

Sounds of the sea and what they mean, ancient cave art discovered in Spain, stolen Van Gogh is returned and Laziest Citizen Competition

Sep 20, 2023 Episode 158

Morocco & Libya natural disasters, G20 expands, Thai dino discovery, “barking mad” police

Morocco earthquake, Libya floods, G20 lets in the Africa Union, Thailand’s dinosaur discovery, “barking mad” US police catch car thieves

Sep 13, 2023 Episode 157

G20 explained, India rocket heads to sun, slang word “slay,” gravy wrestling

G20 world leaders head to India, Indian rocket heads to the sun, popular slang word “slay” explained, gravy wrestling in the UK

Sep 6, 2023 Episode 156

Pets to the rescue in Ukraine, cat allergy vaccine, India’s 1st surf competition, cat yoga twist

Pets to the rescue in Ukraine, breakthrough cat allergy vaccine, India’s 1st surf competition, cat yoga with adoption twist

Aug 30, 2023 Episode 155

New space race, world weather woes, Spain’s soccer champs, Texas snake fight

New space race to the south side of the Moon, wildfires and floods – international weather woes, Spain’s soccer champs, Texas snake...

Aug 23, 2023 Episode 154

We’re back next week – enjoy the Kids Listen Summer Sampler in the meantime!

Summer is over and we’ll be back in action next week! In the meantime, enjoy the Kids Listen Summer Sampler and discover some cool new pods.

Aug 16, 2023 Bonus

Summer Break announcement and “Suzie with a Z” pod swap

For our first ever, we’re taking a little break from podcasting over the summer, leaving you this week with “Suzie with a Z”...

Jun 7, 2023 Bonus

US debt ceiling saga, killer whales rampage, k-leather debate, Spain’s cleaning app

US debt ceiling saga explained, Orca killer whales rampage, Australia’s k-leather debate, Spain’s household chores app

May 31, 2023 Episode 153

Centipede bot, highest bridge, 13-year-old hero, Japanese smile again

Georgia Tech’s centipede robot, world’s highest railway bridge, 13-year-old US hero, Japanese learn to smile again

May 24, 2023 Episode 152

Giraffes do math, cannibal fish, nonstop runner, conductor no duchess

Giraffes do math, Oregon twilight-zone fish wash ashore, Cambodian runner who didn’t stop, Welsh conductor not duchess in disguise

May 17, 2023 Episode 151

Bird drones, Napoli soccer stunner, new jellyfish, Spain’s lost map-makers

Bird drones take flight in New Mexico, Napoli soccer stunner, new box jellyfish in China and Spain’s lost map-makers

May 10, 2023 Episode 150

UK King crowned, “bananas” art vandal, naughty cat on the prowl

Two special reports on UK coronation, South Korea’s art destruction that’s just “bananas” and Derbyshire cat on the prowl

May 3, 2023 Episode 149

Most populous country, Starship’s explosion, Oz “Take 3 for Sea,” Belgium seagull imitations

India dethrones China as most populous country, SpaceX Starship explosion, Australia’s “Take 3 for the Sea,” Belgium’s screechy seagull...

Apr 26, 2023 Episode 148

Giant seaweed blob, JUICE rockets to Jupiter, NYC’s “rat czar,” Happy Vaisakhi

Giant seaweed blob – sargassum – head to Florida, JUICE rockets to Jupiter, Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi and New York’s “rat czar”

Apr 19, 2023 Episode 147

Thailand’s Songkran, Europe’s sleeper trains, India’s vegan leather, Canada’s ancient furball

Thailand’s wacky water festival – Songkran, revival of Europe’s overnight sleeper trains, India’s vegan leather and Canada’s ancient...

Apr 12, 2023 Episode 146

Easter in Ethiopia and Spain, India’s turtle nesting, mammoth meatball

Unusual Easter traditions in Ethiopia and Spain, India’s Olive Ridley turtle nesting season, Netherland’s woolly mammoth meatball

Apr 5, 2023 Episode 145

Meta sued, “auto fashion,” 2400-year-old toilet, smelly art, snake cafe

Meta sued over social media addiction, “auto-fashion” revs up upcycling, China’s 2400-year-old toilet, “Pungent Paints” launched,...

Mar 29, 2023 Episode 144

Finland’s woody batteries, Taylor Swift concert, “fish-lizard” fossil, Autism Day

Finland’s forest of wood used to make batteries, Taylor Swift sings 44 songs in 3 hours, deciphering “fish-lizard” fossil and World Autism...

Mar 22, 2023 Episode 143

Nuclear submarines, Valentine asteroid, 95th Oscars, Fosbury Flopper dies

Nuclear-powered submarines, Valentine asteroid heads to Earth, 95th Oscars with no red carpet, Fosbury Flopper dies

Mar 15, 2023 Episode 142

What ozone hole, UN ozone game, UK museum space crunch, lippy whales

Ozone hole getting smaller, UN ozone video game, UK museums run out of space, whales have nosey lips

Mar 8, 2023 Episode 141

Chatbots and ChatGPT explained, Africa’s Goliath frog, Italy’s oily coffee

People go crazy for ChatGPT – we explain what chatbots are, Africa’s Goliath frog being saved, Italy’s oily coffee

Mar 1, 2023 Episode 140

Carnival & Lent, Kenya’s ancient tools, Australia’s new spiders, “Lord of the Ring” frog

Carnival season ends, Lent begins, Kenya’s 2.9-million-year-old tools, Australia’s new spiders, Ecuador’s “Lord of the Ring” frog

Feb 22, 2023 Episode 139

Sniffer squirrels, spy balloons, Turkey quake, seagulls-v-drones, bare Spaniard

Squirrels joins Chinese police force, spy balloons saga, quake update, seagulls-v-drones in Portugal and Spaniard bares all

Feb 15, 2023 Episode 138

Turkey earthquake, Chinese spy balloon, Beyoncé sweeps Grammys, naughty parrot

7.8 earthquake rocks Turkey & Syria, US shoots down Chinese spy balloon, Beyoncé sweeps Grammys, Taiwan’s naughty parrot

Feb 8, 2023 Episode 137

Chimp gestures, new dino, seaspider butt, Ticketmaster apologies, Lantern Festival, treasure hunt

Chimp gestures, new dino discovered, seaspider butts, Ticketmaster apologies to Taylor, Chinese Lantern Festival, Dutch treasure hunt

Feb 1, 2023 Episode 136

Woolly mammoth return, dinosaur discoveries, Avatar breaks records, Oz toadzilla

Resurrection of the woolly mammoth, dinosaur discoveries, Avatar breaks box office records, Australia’s toadzilla

Jan 25, 2023 Episode 135

Chinese New Year, Oz marathon marathoner, drone dog-saver, epic search for cat

Celebrating the Chinese New Year, Australia’s marathon marathoner, UK drone dog-saver, Bolivia’s epic search for missing cat

Jan 18, 2023 Episode 134

Retired pope passes, Mars gemstone crater, England plastic ban, Argentina peso art

Retired pope passes – now what, Mars crater full of opal gemstones, England’s plastic ban and Argentina’s peso art

Jan 11, 2023 Episode 133

Why we get colds, bad weather kindness, Australia’s acrylic nail ban, human hair recycled

Hear new study on why we get colds, US bad weather brings out heroic kindness, Australian students banned for acrylic nails and Belgium...

Jan 4, 2023 Episode 132

Best big news stories of 2022!

A look back at 2022’s big news from Russia-Ukraine war to unusual protests in Iran and China and the end of an epic royal reign!

Dec 28, 2022 Episode 131

Best oddball stories of 2022!

Best of oddballs – sea-sponge snot, deep-sea blue goo, Spain’s ghost village, HK’s dumb thieves, plane snakes, strong shoulders and...

Dec 21, 2022 Episode 130

Best nature stories of 2022!

Best nature stories of 2022 from Indian cheetahs to Australia’s endangered koalas, Bangladesh oyster reef, carp to copi, Florida manatees and...

Dec 14, 2022 Episode 129

Meteor material (remade!), Earthshot prizes, Word of the Year, Taylor-V-frogs, epic gingerbread house

Out of this world material is made in a lab (!), Earthshot prizes, Word of the Year, Taylor-V-frogs, epic gingerbread house

Dec 7, 2022 Episode 128

China protests, 3D printer plastic recycler, spring early in UK, NZ rat-catchers

Growing protests in China, two young inventors create plastic recycler, spring comes early in UK, New Zealand’s kid rat-catchers

Nov 30, 2022 Episode 127

World Cup, Artemis rocket, Taylor’s tickets, Taiwan panda, message in a bottle

World Cup 2022 kicks off, Artemis 1 rocket takes off, Taylor’s ticket woes, Taiwan’s peace panda dies, message in a bottle

Nov 23, 2022 Episode 126

8 billion earthlings, longest train, Banksy in Ukraine, Swift sweep, longest beard

There are now 8 billion earthlings, Switzerland’s longest train, Banksy’s art in Ukraine, Taylor’s MTV Europe sweep and longest beard

Nov 16, 2022 Episode 125

Playful busy bees, bee bus stops, Iran climber, COP 27, green funeral procession

Busy bees like to play too, UK’s bumblebee bus stop, Iran climber ditches hijab, COP 27 explained, French green funeral procession

Nov 9, 2022 Episode 124

Hear Earth’s magnetic field, Taylor tops the pops, candy inflation, nose picking primates

Hear Earth’s magnetic field, sad stampede and bridge collapse, Taylor tops the pops, candy inflation and nose picking primates

Nov 2, 2022 Episode 123

Hungry Ghost, Day of the Dead, Diwali, Guy Fawkes and more!

From the Hungry Ghost Festival, Halloween, the Day of the Dead to Diwali, Guru Nanak, Bonfire Night and Thanksgiving!

Oct 26, 2022 Episode 122

Mushrooms “talk,” dancing powers a nightclub, new tennis era, dog cafe

Chatty mushrooms, disco fever used to power Scottish nightclub, tennis greats gone from the court and San Fran cafe dishes up dog’s...

Oct 19, 2022 Episode 121

Nobel Prizes explained, Iran’s protests, “plastic piranha,” India’s temple crocodile

Nobel Prizes and history explained, why Iran’s protests matter, California’s “plastic piranha,” India’s mystic temple crocodile

Oct 12, 2022 Episode 120

Stink bug & spider crab invasion, electric scrap car, candy news, dogs smell stress

“Invasion” of stink bugs & spider crabs, India’s electric car built from scrap, M&M and Quality Street candy news, plus dogs smell...

Oct 5, 2022 Episode 119

Festive India, NASA crashes asteroid, fish name-change, TikTok trouble, ukulele flight

Festive season in India is underway, NASA crashes asteroid, fish called carp changes name, TikTok in trouble, ukulele flight

Sep 28, 2022 Episode 118

NASA’s rocket, Queen’s funeral, Harry Potter coin, deep-sea blue goo, running doc

Artemis-1 moon rocket, Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Harry Potter coin, India’s running doctor and deep-sea blue goo in the Caribbean

Sep 21, 2022 Episode 117

UK mourns queen, chimps drum, Taylor’s album, new “sus” dictionary words

Kid News This Week: UK mourns Queen Elizabeth II, chimps drum-talk, Taylor Swift’s release date, Cali’s electric call-to-action and new...

Sep 14, 2022 Episode 116

Oysters to the rescue, spiders dream, Dubai’s deepest pool, weird UK ice cream

Oyster reefs to the rescue in Bangladesh, spiders dream, the world’s deepest pool in Dubai, baked beans and soy sauce ice cream

Sep 7, 2022 Episode 115

Floods & droughts, treasures revealed, power of sleep & sweat, wearables for pets

Floods & droughts create global havoc but reveal treasures too, power of sleep, sweat recharges wearables and wearable fans keep pets cool

Aug 31, 2022 Episode 114

China’s rain seeds, Japan’s goat-bot, water from asteroids, sea-sponge snot

China seeds rain to fight drought, Japan builds robot goat, Earth’s water thought to come from asteroids and sea sponges sneeze snot

Aug 24, 2022 Episode 113

India turns 75, Olympic chess, smart moths and pigeon poo

World’s largest democracy turns 75, Olympiad chess champs, moths smarter than we thought and Pac-Man hawk challenges pigeon poo

Aug 17, 2022 Episode 112

China-Taiwan tensions, dog surfing, satellite girls, “kidpreneurs,” Little Miss memes

China-Taiwan tensions explained, surf’s pup – dog surfing, India’s satellite-making girls, “kidpreneurs” take off, Little Miss...

Aug 10, 2022 Episode 111

Saudi’s skyscraper city, dog wagging deciphered, India cheetahs, dancing Belgium pigs

Saudi Arabia’s skyscraper city plans revealed, dog wagging deciphered, cheetahs return to India, dancing Belgium pigs

Aug 3, 2022 Episode 110

All about poo – Newsy Pooloozi’s Poo News Capsule!

All about poo (ok, ok, “excrement”) – Newsy Pooloozi’s Poo News Capsule!

Jul 27, 2022 Episode 109

All about insects, spiders and more – Newsy Pooloozi’s Creepy Crawlies Capsule!

All about insects, spiders and more – Newsy Pooloozi’s Creepy Crawlies Capsule!

Jul 20, 2022 Episode 108

All about space – Newsy Pooloozi’s space capsule!

All about space – our special space capsule with over 45 minutes of the whippiest, wackiest, most factual and fun space news from the last two...

Jul 13, 2022 Episode 107

All about corona – Newsy Pooloozi’s Corona Capsule!

Newsy Pooloozi’s Corona Capsule – from the silly to the serious here are our COVID-19 stories

Jul 6, 2022 Episode 106

Quick Dip of world news and REACH: A Space Podcast for Kids

This week, we cover the US protests on the Supreme Court ruling affecting women’s rights. We’ll also talk about a massive plastic...

Jun 29, 2022 Episode 105

Quick Dip of world news and Jack to the Future Podcast swap

This week’s Quick Dip of world news begins with scorching heatwaves in the US and wildfires in Europe — parts of Spain, Germany, France,...

Jun 22, 2022 Episode 104

Quick Dip of world news and Dorktales Storytime Podcast episode swap

Quick Dip of world news and Dorktales Storytime Podcast Hidden Histories episode swap

Jun 15, 2022 Episode 103

Quick Dip of world news and Cool Facts About Animals episode swap

Quick Dip of world news and Cool Facts About Animals episode swap

Jun 8, 2022 Episode 102

Gun debate, sprouting moon soil, robot surgeons, football microchips, sinkhole oasis

This week, Newsy Pooloozi gently decodes the US gun debate by exploring the various sides involved — the gun lobby led by the NRA, legislators...

Jun 1, 2022 Episode 101

Looking back and forward for 100th episode with special guest Mindy Thomas!

Looking back and forward for our 100th episode with super-duper special guest Mindy Thomas of Wow in the World helping us celebrate!

May 25, 2022 Episode 100

NATO woes decoded, UK’s post-drone, microchip in footballs, jail for dumbest thieves

Russia furious at NATO’s Nordic expansion, UK’s post-drones take off, possible microchip in Aussie footballs, jail for Hong Kong’s...

May 18, 2022 Episode 99

Reptiles at risk, rocket catch-and-carry, lunar art, longest glass-bottom bridge

20% of reptile species risk extinction, rocket booster caught mid-air, heartful art heads to the moon, Vietnam’s glass-bottom bridge

May 11, 2022 Episode 98

Indian heatwave, Mother’s Day backstory, 10-armed octopus, whisky biofuel

Subcontinent heatwave, Mama mia! Mother’s Day history, 10-armed octopus fossil found, whisky waste becomes biofuel

May 4, 2022 Episode 97

Celebrating Eid, ants repair trees, Japan’s salty chopsticks, Spain’s smelly art

Celebrating Eid around the world, ants repair “trumpetrees” in Panama, Japan’s latest taste-tech, Spain’s smelly high art

Apr 27, 2022 Episode 96

Earth Day, India’s seaweed machine, UK’s forest eye, eco-bouncy castle

Earth Day history, how to celebrate it, India’s seaweed harvester, UK’s forest art keeps “eye on climate,” eco-bouncy castle

Apr 20, 2022 Episode 95

Easter lowdown, digitally unwrapped mummy, swimming dinos, rickshaw garden

The lowdown on Easter, digitally unwrapped mummy, swimming Spinosaurus, rickshaw rooftop garden and stuck temple thief

Apr 13, 2022 Episode 94

Saturn loses its rings, who is Ketanji, Finnish treasure hunters, Spain’s ghost village

How Saturn’s losing its rings, who’s Ketanji B Jackson, Finnish treasure hunters get ready, ghost village appears in Spain

Apr 6, 2022 Episode 93

Five wacky world news stories – one that will fool you

Take our April Fool’s challenge – hear five wacky, world news stories and guess which one is April Foolin’ you!

Mar 30, 2022 Episode 92

Sahara Desert dust storm, lost Amazon boys, UK solar tunnel, otter escort

Kid News This Week: Sahara dust storm darkens Spain, Ukraine’s “wonder woman,” boys lost in Amazon found, UK solar tunnel, special escort...

Mar 23, 2022 Episode 91

Happy St Paddy’s, latest on Ukraine, help Florida manatees, slithery smuggler

Find out how St Patrick’s day began, the latest on Ukraine, Florida manatees in trouble and story of slithery smuggler

Mar 16, 2022 Episode 90

Butterfly challenge, Ukraine update and happy take, world’s oldest pants

Western Monarch butterfly challenge, India’s crimson rose butterfly pit-stop, Ukraine update and happy take, world’s oldest pants

Mar 9, 2022 Episode 89

The war in Ukraine explained and tips on coping with distressing news

The war in Ukraine explained, the glossary game of confusing words and phrases about the war and tips on coping with distressing news

Mar 2, 2022 Episode 88

Russia deploys troops, Indian chess prodigy, slithery fright on flight, DIY giveaway

Russia deploys troops to eastern Ukraine, Indian chess prodigy makes history, slithery fright on flight and DIY.org giveaway

Feb 23, 2022 Episode 87

Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, endangered koalas, crazy expensive shoes

History of Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, koalas on Australia’s endangered list, crazy rich people buy crazy expensive Nike...

Feb 16, 2022 Episode 86

ISS splashdown, Bezos-v-Bridge, Barcelona bike bus, shoulder-blade power

ISS splashdown set, Jeff Bezos’s takes on “De Hef” Dutch bridge, Barcelona bicibus, Guinness Record breaking shoulder power

Feb 9, 2022 Episode 85

Ukraine crisis, Wordle brain-game craze, space-junk lunar crash

We breakdown the crisis in Ukraine and explain why Russian soldiers are at its border, also NYT buys Wordle and space-junk will crash into the...

Feb 2, 2022 Episode 84

Happy Year of the Tiger, new coral reef found, animal rescue false alarms

Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger, deep coral reef discovered near Tahiti, funny animal rescue false alarms

Jan 26, 2022 Episode 83

Fake plastic trees, zoo poo and “Run Like a Girl” book series

Fake plastic trees could save the world, zoo uses animal poo for fuel and “Run Like a Girl” book series launches

Jan 19, 2022 Episode 82

It’s an animalistic start to 2022!

From pig heart transplant to goldfish learning to drive, from camel pageant to Antarctica’s foreign fish

Jan 12, 2022 Episode 81

Start 2022 with a laugh – time for the best of our Oddball stories!

Start the new year with a laugh – it’s time for the best of Newsy Pooloozi’s Oddball stories from 2021!

Jan 5, 2022 Episode 80

Time to look back at the big news stories on Newsy Pooloozi this year!

As the year closes, it’s time to look back at the big news stories on Newsy Pooloozi this year!

Dec 29, 2021 Episode 79

Christmas around the world!

Hear how Christmas is celebrated around the world, from beach barbecues to pooping Yuletide logs, nativity scenes to Santa’s on camels.

Dec 22, 2021 Episode 78

Looking back at the best tech news on Newsy Pooloozi this year!

As part of our holiday specials, we look back at the best technology news on Newsy Pooloozi this year!

Dec 15, 2021 Episode 77

Time for the best Newsy Pooloozi animal stories this year!

Kid News This Week: As the holiday season begins, it’s time to look back on 2021. First up, we present the best Newsy Pooloozi animal...

Dec 8, 2021 Episode 76

Invasion of Joro spiders, omicron arrives, plants talk, maple syrup crisis

Joro spiders invade Georgia, new COVID variant omicron arrives, plants talk to humans and Canada’s maple syrup crisis

Dec 1, 2021 Episode 75

“Quick Dip” of news this Thanksgiving week

Happy Thanksgiving and happy Hanukkah! Since it’s a holiday week, we’re giving you a “quick dip” of the news this...

Nov 24, 2021 Episode 74

India’s toxic air, Florida space launch, Sikhs celebrate, locusts on EU menu

Toxic air shuts schools in Delhi, special report from space launch, Sikhs celebrate Gurpurab and locusts on EU “novel food” list

Nov 17, 2021 Episode 73

Global eco summit, India’s floating power station, bad sportsmen, blue bananas

Will COP26 help save the planet? Indian’s floating solar power station, California high school’s bad win and the blue banana

Nov 10, 2021 Episode 72

Diwali around the world, AI and Beethoven’s 10th, Ireland’s microplastic sucker

“Festival of Lights” explained, Diwali around the world, artificial intelligence and Beethoven’s 10th, Ireland’s microplastic...

Nov 3, 2021 Episode 71

Honeybees scare, Spain’s cursed village, shadow scientists, Mexico’s doll island

Scary honeybee and candy news, Halloween’s history, Spain’s witchy village, shadow scientists in deep space, Mexico’s doll island

Oct 27, 2021 Episode 70

Flying microchips, Kerala exodus, California “snake-mare,” airport pig patrol

Microchip smaller than an ant can fly! Kerala’s floods cause exodus, California’s under-house snake pit, “pig patrol” foils...

Oct 20, 2021 Episode 69

Battle against mosquitoes, beavers are back, clean cling-film, cow-poo zapper

Mosquitoes – should swat or swap them? Britain’s beavers are back, cleaner cling-film and cow-poo zapper

Oct 13, 2021 Episode 68

Mega comet coming, Hollywood ups and downs, UK petrol crisis, taxi-top gardens

Mega comet near sun in 10 years, box office highs but threat of workers strike, UK petrol crisis and Thailand’s taxi-top gardens

Oct 6, 2021 Episode 67

Newsy gets a new name, cricket’s “batsman” change, new spider app

Goodbye Newsy Jacuzzi hello Newsy Pooloozi! Cricket also gets name-change, UK spends millions on carbon suckers and new spider app

Sep 29, 2021 Episode 66

Everyday astronauts, AI helps art, Spain’s volcano, Germany’s Moo-Loo

Private citizens spend three days in space, artificial intelligence lends a helping hand, Spain’s spewing volcano, Germany’s Moo-Loo

Sep 22, 2021 Episode 65

India’s festive season, “fan-plastic” food wrap, tennis wonder, Ig Nobel prizes

India’s four-month festival season starts, “fan-plastic” biodegradable food wrap, Emma Raducanu wows world and Ig Nobel prizes

Sep 15, 2021 Episode 64

Flash floods, tuna is back, Asian Marvel, “out of the box” art

US flash flood havoc, tuna back from brink of extinction, first Asian superhero “marvels” box office, Japanese artist “out of the box”

Sep 8, 2021 Episode 63

Four-legged whale, hurricane explainer, new baseball, flying cows, hearty sheep

Ancient “god of death” whale fossil found, hurricane explainer, new spit-free baseball, flying cows and hearty sheep

Sep 1, 2021 Episode 62

Predicting lightning, new kids vaccine, Int’l Dog Day, bumblebee “Bee-FF” pet

Know when and where lightning strikes, new vaccine for kids on the block, longest vaccination trek, Int’l Dog Day, bumblebee pet

Aug 25, 2021 Episode 61

Beyond the blimp – Airship 2.0, Afghan turmoil, well-mannered apes

Move over Zeppelins – airships get a rebirth, turmoil as Taliban takes over Afghanistan and apes like to mind their manners

Aug 18, 2021 Episode 60

Olympic joys, India hockey triumph, coral lifesaver, underwater museum

Olympic joy and good sportsmanship, India’s hockey triumphs, medicine for diseased coral and underwater sculpture museum

Aug 11, 2021 Episode 59

Smart mouth-guards, new Olympic sports, Int’l Cat Day, two-headed turtle

High tech mouth-guards for impact sports, surfing and skateboarding Olympic-style, new app for International Cat Day and the two-headed...

Aug 4, 2021 Episode 58

World news “Quick Dip” plus guest episode

Last of our slim summer “quick dips” into world news, followed by a guest episode from the Jul 28, 2021 Episode 57

“Quick Dip” of world news plus guest episode

We slim down for summer this July with our “quick dip” of world news, followed by a guest episode from the Cool Facts About Animals...

Jul 21, 2021 Episode 56

July’s “Quick Dip” of world news and guest podcast

Hear our “quick dip” of world news, as we slim down for summer, followed by a guest episode from The Dorktales Storytime (Hidden...

Jul 14, 2021 Episode 55

TOP FIVE stories of Newsy Pooloozi’s first year!

Hear the top five stories our loyal listers nominated as their favorite covered on Newsy Pooloozi during our first year!

Jul 7, 2021 Episode 54

Newsy Pooloozi is one year old – hear our bloopers and top stories!

Hear our bloopers and the countdown of our top ten stories this year!

Jun 30, 2021 Episode 53

Trees talk, new bamboo bat, calling all Bo-Peeps, Swedish embrace rain

Movie planned about “tree talk” pioneer, new cricket bamboo bat, Spanish shepherdess school, Swedish city embraces its...

Jun 23, 2021 Episode 52

Hangry fruit flies, clean air breakthrough, Spain’s robot chef, “sky pool” scares

Fruit flies get hangry, Delhi teen creates affordable air purifier, Spain’s robot chef creates a stir, London’s sky-pool gives...

Jun 16, 2021 Episode 51

Mega space news, Sri Lanka plastic spill, EV breakthrough, “Hero Rat” retires

Venus mission, Jupiter moon, worms in space, kites on Mars, Sri Lanka ship disaster, EV battery break-through, mine-sniffing rat retires

Jun 9, 2021 Episode 50

Floating island city, TV space race, cicadas stink, slimy soap

Maldives floating city to combat rising seas, Russia and US race to get dramatic in space, cicada update (they stink!), snail snot soap

Jun 2, 2021 Episode 49

UFOs are official, burger day for earthlings, dramarama craze, crazy word dispute

US openly investigate UFOs, burger journey sums up humanity, online drama workshops all the rage, crazy croquet word dispute

May 26, 2021 Episode 48

Taiwan drought, gas hack, UK hugs, Oz mice plague, “centibutt” sea worm

Taiwan needs rain, US gas ransom hack explained, UK trade stiff-upper-lip for hugs, Australia overrun by mice, many-butted worm

May 19, 2021 Episode 47

Happy Eid, COVID kindness, biggest plane, butterfly back, sheep-V-lawnmowers

Muslims celebrates Eid, COVID making us kinder, plane on path to rocket launch, Duke of Burgundy butterfly, sheep V lawnmowers

May 12, 2021 Episode 46

Swarming cicadas, germ warrior, cookie meltdown, book club craze, ugly fish

Cicadas coming, bacteria fights microplastic, Girl Scout cookie meltdown, craze for book clubs, bloodsucker fish fights...

May 5, 2021 Episode 45

India’s COVID crisis, world dance day, virtual Olympics, Asian dog holiday

COVID coping – an episode full of distraction hacks – let’s dance, let’s “game” for gold, let’s learn and get ready for...

Apr 28, 2021 Episode 44

Epic US verdict, NASA makes history, soccer Super League, spider talk

Historic police brutality verdict, first flight on Mars, soccer Super League skirmish, spider “talk” translated

Hear why...

Apr 21, 2021 Episode 43

Ancient city found, Georgia voting, baguette love, Lego thieves, Candy Land

Egypt’s lost “golden city” discovered, Georgia’s democracy debate, French-bread love, Lego larceny, real Candy Land

Apr 14, 2021 Episode 42

Shipping chaos, portable space center, Mississippi mud and mummy march

Cargo ship troubles, space center on-the-go, how The Mississippi got clean, Nat’l Poetry Month and march of the mummies

Apr 7, 2021 Episode 41

Five crazy spring stories – Easter to candy to Mars – one will April Fool you!

Spring celebrations, Spain’s 4-day week, pollution eating plant, NASA’s breath box and crazy candy! Which story will fool...

Mar 31, 2021 Episode 40

Pandemic pet craze, happiest country, sushi name-change, Rubik’s Cube shock

Craze for pets takes effect! Find out which country is happiest, what people will do for free sushi and stunning Rubik’s Cube moves in...

Mar 24, 2021 Episode 39

Clean wings, ice music, singing ban lifted, lost walrus, self-beheading snail

Water and solar powered planes, instruments made from ice, Afghan girls singing ban lifted, lost walrus and self-beheading...

Mar 17, 2021 Episode 38

Women’s day, cashier-free shop, electric oranges, cat rescue

How did Women’s Day begin and where’s it going, Amazon shakes up shopping, oranges spark electricity and a “purr”fect rescue

Mar 10, 2021 Episode 37

Clever plastic solutions, “spider slug,” new Van Gogh, snoring Imam

From bricks to clothes – plastic solutions, slug dangles like spider, new Van Gogh painting surfaces, world’s most expensive video and...

Mar 3, 2021 Episode 36

Rover on Mars, cloned ferret, flying car, Stonehenge moved, foul fatberg

Perseverance on Mars, endangered ferret cloned, flying cars ready for take-off, second-hand Stonehenge, rowing teacher and foul fatberg!

Feb 24, 2021 Episode 35

Year of the Ox, US snow storms, Finnish snowflake art, ancient conch

What the Year of the Ox means and how it’s celebrated, winter storms grip US, Finnish artist makes huge snowflake and 17,000-year-old conch is...

Feb 17, 2021 Episode 34

Space tourism, sea-grass balls, purple island and cactus smuggler

Tourism to the cosmos takes off, Spain’s sea-grass balls eat plastic, South Korea paints an island purple and New Zealand’s cactus smuggler...

Feb 10, 2021 Episode 33

Dog news, bubblicious concert, wombat poo, Prince’s earth charter

How dogs went from predators to pets, app translates dog-talk, Flaming Lips bubble gig, wombat poo mystery solved, terra carter


Feb 3, 2021 Episode 32

EVs, solar motorbikes, driverless cars, cave pig, wheelchair climber

Electric vehicles, driverless cars, solar motorbikes are here, plus warty pig cave drawing and wheelchair man climbs skyscraper!

Jan 27, 2021 Episode 31

Cricket history, microplastics, fungi footwear, yummy mealworms

In this week’s podcast the big news story is how India’s cricket team made cricket history while playing against...

Jan 20, 2021 Episode 30

US democracy tested, Pompeii’s “dhaba,” chopstick art, rice ATM

The big news story of this week’s podcast is the storming of US Capitol, which tests the foundations of democracy. Plus, hear all about an...

Jan 13, 2021 Episode 29

Vaccine relief, kids for parks, real magic wands and space sounds

Happy new year – the vaccines are here! Plus kids speak for parks, magic wands are real and space sort of makes sounds!

We are...

Jan 6, 2021 Episode 28

Best of Newsy Pooloozi 2020 Animal Stories – ruff-ruff-meoooow!

It’s the end of the year, so time to reflect back on the best of the best. Yes, there were some good stories that really made us happy....

Dec 30, 2020 Episode 27

Best of Newsy Pooloozi 2020 Oddball Stories and… it’s Xmas!!!

It’s Christmas! Find out what that means for our reporters around the world. Plus, it’s that time of the year when we take stock of the last...

Dec 23, 2020 Episode 26

Best of Newsy Pooloozi 2020 Tech Stories!

It’s that time of the year when we take stock of everything that’s happened throughout the last twelve months. This week we feature...

Dec 17, 2020 Episode 25

Real face of St Nick revealed! Also Hanukkah explained, gaming good for you, India kicks plastic cups

Updated face of Saint Nicholas revealed, why Hanukkah is 8 days, study says video games good for you, India Rail gets rid of plastic cups and...

Dec 9, 2020 Episode 24

Mysterious monolith, decking the halls, Guru Nanak, White House pets and Oz’s innovative kick

It’s beginning to look like… an alien left something in the Utah desert? Hear about the mysterious monolith, White House pets, big holiday...

Dec 2, 2020 Episode 23

Thankful for vaccines, violins and the super squid bot, plus India’s excess sugar and US Thanksgiving

Gratitude for COVID-19 vaccines, but what’s it really mean? Plus hear about the violin thank you, the virus survivor who got bit by a cobra,...

Nov 25, 2020 Episode 22

Hyperloop swooshes, broom goes “vroom,” robot monster wolf, leopard pest, baseball’s...

Buckle up and hear how future travel will swoosh thanks to Virgin’s Hyperloop, how brooms go “vroom” in Brazil, Japan’s monster wolf...

Nov 18, 2020 Episode 21

India’s Diwali, England’s Bonfire Night, H&M recycling, Finland’s Dirty Daycare

Festival season is underway in India – Happy Diwali! Meanwhile, England’s bonfire night marks a big explosion that never happened. And in...

Nov 11, 2020 Episode 20

US election record turnout, windy “traffic turbines,” city of champions, odd animal election

Hear reports across the US as voters show up in record numbers, about dirty cars creating clean energy, the city of angels becoming the city of...

Nov 4, 2020 Episode 19

Hungry Ghosts Festival, Halloween and Day of the Dead plus the mystery of the killer whales and more!

On our Spooky Special episode, hear about Asia’s Hungry Ghost Festival, America’s Halloween and Mexico’s Day of the Dead, which all have...

Oct 28, 2020 Episode 18

Weird voting, suffrajitsus, detect pet’s mood and make cats smile, Starman and space nugget

US election fight enters last the round, but voting will be weird. Find out who the suffrajitsus were. Also, can you tell what your pooch or...

Oct 21, 2020 Episode 17

Toxic air, pollution solution, turtle spies, dumb art thieves and swearing parrots

India’s pollution menace returns, but scientists brew up a pollution solution, high tech helps track turtle thieves in Costa Rica, Hong Kong...

Oct 14, 2020 Episode 16

Martian lakes, $23 million titanium toilet, longest highway tunnel, Solely Sunshine girl, COVID-19 dogs

Do lakes on Mars mean there’s Martian life? Also, find out why NASA sends an expensive titanium toilet to space, why India built the longest...

Oct 7, 2020 Episode 15

US election fight, McDonald’s fancy cups, a good Spanish sport, a heroic rat and int’l...

We jump into the ring of the US presidential election. We also hear about McDonald’s embrace of the “re-use” cup culture in Britain, the...

Sep 30, 2020 Episode 14

Notorious RBG, data at sea, Delhi’s ballet dream, the master gobblefunker and a leopard in the house

Who was the supreme rebel girl, RBG? Also hear the story of the data center sunk at sea, the success of the boy who learned ballet at 17, a...

Sep 23, 2020 Episode 13

Wildfires explained, our “Connected” world, rooftop alphorns, loneliest elephant, shocking fly trap

Why are fires tearing across the West Coast of America? We break it down. We also shout from the rooftops about our fav science show,...

Sep 16, 2020 Episode 12

Flying cars, jetpack flyers, delivery drones, poo fighters triumph and game-on for cricket

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s FLYING CARS! In this week’s episode, hear all about how the skies...

Sep 9, 2020 Episode 11

US race tensions, mysterious blue holes at sea, Nigeria’s ballet boy and the anti-lion head butt

Hear about race tensions in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement from special guests Jackson and Avery Ausmer, who co-host the “Hey...

Sep 2, 2020 Episode 10

Glacier gloom, pencil power, drive-in fright, US crazy league season and Switzerland’s cocoa snow

Hear what Greenland’s melting glaciers means for you, the high-tech power of low-tech pencils, Japan’s answer to socially distanced...

Aug 26, 2020 Episode 09

Storm season chaos, clever hand-washing contraption and the story of the sly fox and cat thief

The storm season is creating heavy monsoon rain in Asia and whipping up hurricanes in the Americas, also hear about a Kenyan boy’s clever...

Aug 20, 2020 Episode 08

OCEAN SPECIAL: spectacular sea station, SOS sailors, microbes awakened, packed beaches and a blue lobster

In our special Ocean Episode hear the spectacular plans for an underground sea station, what woke up after being asleep at sea for a 100 million...

Aug 12, 2020 Episode 07

New covid school rules, SpaceX landing, Indian asteroid discovery, Salzburg music festival, and 3D...

We explore the likely “Covid Code of Conduct” when school reopens, hear the show goes on in Austria, how private space travel is making...

Aug 5, 2020 Episode 06

Back to school (or not!), Facebook’s TikTok, Olympic hope, digital chicken nuggets and fart-free...

Hear us volley (with a real tennis ball!) the pros and cons about going back to school or not, muse over the cotton candy iPhone Photo Awards...

Jul 29, 2020 Episode 05

Promising vaccine, college sports on hold, NEOWISE comet, no noisy windows, Canada’s drive-in...

Hear about the race to find a COVID19 vaccine and how US college sports are on hold, also how to spot the biggest comet of your lifetime, never...

Jul 22, 2020 Episode 04

Brink of extinction, mapping Mars, gaming console wars, France’s floating cinema and cycling’s...

Find out why some lemurs and whales are almost extinct, why NASA needs your help, the big fight in video game consoles, the best socially...

Jul 15, 2020 Episode 03

Corona Poo Fighters, New Dog Years, Liverpool FC, Green Melodies and Monkey Menace

This week’s big news story is about the new frontline fighters in the battle against coronavirus. Hint: the secret lies with...

Jul 8, 2020 Episode 02

Corona resurgence, Japanese taste pops, glacier mice, Baby Shark and baseball!

It’s a whirlpool of news for kids at Newsy Pooloozi! Welcome to the first-ever episode of our family-friendly news and information podcast...

Jul 1, 2020 Episode 01

Newsy Pooloozi Trailer!

Newsy Pooloozi is a weekly world kids news podcast for smart children and curious adults – it’s a whirlpool of news and information!...

Jun 30, 2020 Trailer

Newsy Pooloozi – The Beginning!

Newsy Pooloozi is a news and information podcast for kids like host Leela Sivasankar Prickitt. The half-Indian, half-American eight-year-old is...

Jun 28, 2020 Trailer