Quick Dip of world news and Cool Facts About Animals episode swap

Jun 8, 2022 Episode 102

Quick Dip of world news and Cool Facts About Animals episode swap

Episode Transcript


LEELA: It’s all politics and parties in the UK. Food waste concrete in Japan

Rats with backpacks in Scotland. And more!


OPENING STING – LEELA: “Hey, hey, hey. Listen up. New, new, newsy – Newsy Pooloozi!”


Hello and happy summer! School is out and it’s time to travel.


MAMA: Or rest.


LEELA: Or both. Yes, we are taking a little breather this summer, but we know that the news doesn’t stop – so we’re giving you a quick dip of this week’s world news.


MAMA: And after that we’re not leaving you high and dry oh, no, we’ve got episode swaps lined up for the rest of the month.


LEELA: But first, let’s dive into the news with the…


BIG NEWS STORY STING – VARIOUS VOICES: “The big news story of the week!”


MAMA: In the United Kingdom where we are this week as it happens, there were celebrations on the streets, in backyards


LEELA: You mean back gardens.


MAMA: Ohh yes darling, all celebrating the Queen of England’s 70 years on the throne.


LEELA: Otherwise known as the “Platinum Jubilee” – jubilee is a fancy way of saying celebration or paaaarrtee!


MAMA: Meanwhile the real leader of the country Boris Johnson was in trouble for his party or, ummm, gathering – held during strict covid lockdowns.


LEELA: He has survived what’s known as a “vote of confidence,” which is a secret ballot in parliament.


MAMA: Where all the legislators vote on whether he can stay in power or not.


LEELA: 59 percent said he should stay. But, ummmm…


MAMA: 41 percent said he should go-go go.


LEELA: Out of the door.


MAMA: And now he’s now seen as a weak leader with many calling for him to resign.


LEELA: And now to science news…


SCIENCE STING – LEELA: “The world of wow, wow, wow… In other words – science!”   


LEELA: So, you know how parents get really upset when we don’t eat all the food on our plate… And talk about how bad it is to waste it… Well, here’s a great come-back.


MAMA: Ok… Researchers at the University of Tokyo successfully made a concrete-like building material


LEELA: Otherwise known as cement.


MAMA: From leftover food!


LEELA: Wowzers!


MAMA: Yeah, turns out banana and orange peels, pumpkins, onions, tea leaves, coffee grounds and particularly cabbage can be made into super strong concrete.


LEELA: How, you wonder?


MAMA: Well, first they dry it out, then pulverize it into powder, pack it into a mold and bake it.


LEELA: But don’t eat it. It is not a gingerbread house. Or a vegetable house.


MAMA: Whatever that is…


NATURE STING – VARIOUS VOICES: “The call of nature. Get on your safari suit. Or squeeze into your scuba gear. And get ready to hop into a jeep. Or submarines. Submarine. Because Mother Nature is calling! Nature.”  


LEELA: Back in the UK a scientist in Scotland is putting backpacks on rats. Why do you ask?


MAMA: I do.


LEELA: Not for school, no, they’re being trained for earthquake rescue missions.


MAMA: Whoa – so a little like the rats who are used to sniff out mines in war zones?


LEELA: Like Magawa, the hero rat.


MAMA: Who we featured on episode 50 of our podcast


LEELA: Only these rats wear tiny backpacks with a camera and a tracking device, so they can go into the debris and help rescue teams talk to survivors.


MAMA: Man, you gotta respect the rats.


LEELA: Now it’s time for some entertainment news…


ACE STING – LEELA/MAMA: “Now it’s the ace part of our podcast: Arts, Culture and Entertainment. Darling.”


LEELA: This is something any cool kid knows.


MAMA: It’s official. Researchers find that dancing doesn’t just feel good, it also enhances brain function.


LEELA: Once again this is Japanese research.


MAMA: Scientists from the University of Tsukuba found that music – with a groove


LEELA: You know – the kind that makes you wanna dance!


MAMA: Well, it significantly increases measures of executive function and associated brain activity.


LEELA: So… get your groove on!


MAMA: And finally –


ODDBALL STING – VARIOUS VOICES: “Step right up, step right up… Have a go at the lucky dip machine… What’s it gonna be today, eh? An oddball, no doubt!”


MAMA: Back in wacky Britain for this one – where the age-old custom of cheese rolling is back after being on hold for the pandemic.


LEELA: Yes, this is the “extreme sport” and probably extremely smelly of rolling a 4kg or almost nine-pound hunk of cheese down a steep hill.


MAMA: This takes place in Gloucester, of course the home of double Gloucester cheese, where the round mound of cheese can reach 70 miles per hour.


LEELA: First one to the bottom of the hill wins. I don’t know about you, but it sounds pretty cheesy to me. Baa-dump-cheew!




LEELA: And that brings us to the end of this quick dip episode of Newsy Pooloozi.


MAMA: But we know you’re all settled down and want to keep on listening, so we’ve got a super duper treat – an episode from our friends at Cool Facts About Animals who are talking Piranhas…


LEELA: Yikes… watch where you swim this summer, folks!