Summer Break announcement and “Suzie with a Z” pod swap

Jun 7, 2023 Episode Bonus

For our first ever, we’re taking a little break from podcasting over the summer, leaving you this week with “Suzie with a Z” podcast swap. See you in July!

Episode Transcript


LEELA: Hello! This week we have a special announcement.

BOTH: We’re taking a summer break!

MAMA: You know, we’ve been doing this for almost 3 years now and we’ve never missed single episode.

LEELA: Yep, Newsy Pooloozi, in some firm of another, has appeared in your feed, without fail, each week.

MAMA: And we’re a little… in need of a break.

LEELA: She has a fulltime job.

MAMA: And she’s getting busier and busier with school and a steam of activities.

LEELA: So we’re taking a few weeks off.

MAMA: Completely – no “quick dips of news” and aside from this week, not even any podcast swaps. We’re gonna get some “real-world-travel” in…

LEELA: And recharge our batteries. But don’t worry – school in India starts early, so we’ll be back in action by the middle of July.

MAMA: Bringing you the most important –

LEELA: and funniest!

MAMA: – world news. And – let’s not forget – be ready to eat cake and celebrate Newsy Pooloozi’s THIRD birthday.


MAMA: This week, though, we’re gonna leave you with a sneak peek of a new storytelling podcast by some of our friends at the fabulous Kids Listen network for some of our younger listeners who like mysteries…

LEELA: And have big curiosities. Ida and Suzie “with a Z” – over to you!

Suzie with a Z: Not transcribed