We’re back next week – enjoy the Kids Listen Summer Sampler in the meantime!

Aug 16, 2023 Episode Bonus

Summer is over and we’ll be back in action next week! In the meantime, enjoy the Kids Listen Summer Sampler and discover some cool new pods.

Episode Transcript


LEELA: Hey, hey, hey – happy end of summer, everyone! We’ll be back in action next week, once again providing you with your favorite weekly wrap-up of world news.

MAMA: So, get ready to start finding new episodes dropping into your podcast feeds every Wednesday.

LEELA: In the meantime, here’s jam-packed Summer Sampler from the Kids Listen collective of children’s podcasters –

MAMA: – Which, yes, we are a part of and feature on this sampler as well.

LEELA: And which might introduce you to some cool new pods to start listening to when you get back to school and need some non-classroom.

MAMA: And non-screen time…

LEELA: entertainment.

MAMA: So over to Kids Listen.

LEELA: And we’ll catch up with you folks next week.

MAMA: Wednesday!

LEELA: August 23rd!