Monthly Archives: April 2022

Five Fab Facts Quiz! (Episode 96)

Hear Episode 96 about celebrating Eid around the world, Azteca ants repair “trumpetrees” in Panama, Japan’s latest taste-tech, Spain’s smelly high art Dive into Episode 96 here and then..

Apr 27, 2022

Five Fab Facts Quiz! (Episode 95)

Hear Episode 95 about when and why Earth Day started and what we can do now, about India’s seaweed combine-harvester breakthrough, UK’s forest art keeping an “eye on climate” and an ingenious bouncy carbon-buster for kids! Dive into...

Apr 20, 2022

Five Fab Facts Quiz! (Episode 94)

Hear Episode 94 about the lowdown on Easter, all about the digitally unwrapped mummy, the swimming Spinosaurus, rickshaw’s rooftop garden, the stuck temple thief and more! Dive into Episode 94 here and then..

Apr 13, 2022

Five Fab Facts Quiz! (Episode 93)

Hear Episode 93 about the Saturn loses its rings – but how, low-down on Ketanji B Jackson, Finnish treasure hunters get ready for last push to booty and Spain’s abandoned village appears in dried-up lake – all that and...

Apr 6, 2022