Monthly Archives: October 2022

Five Fab Facts Quiz! (Episode 121)

Hear Episode 121 and find out that mushrooms “chat” to each other? Or that dancing can be used to power a Scottish nightclub? Hear all about it,  plus a new era in tennis as sporting greats go from the court and a San Francisco cafe...

Oct 19, 2022

Five Fab Facts Quiz! (Episode 120)

Hear Episode 120 about Nobel Prizes and what the “merchant of death” has to do with it?! We also tackle the story of the protests in Iran and explain why they are so important. Plus, California’s “plastic piranha” is unleased and...

Oct 12, 2022

Five Fab Facts Quiz! (Episode 119)

Hear Episode 119 about the “invasion” of stink bugs in the US & spider crabs in France, India’s electric car built from scrap, M&M and Quality Street candy news, plus dogs detect stress with their noses – all that and more this...

Oct 5, 2022