5 Fab Facts (Episode 11)

Sep 14, 2020

fab facts

5 Fab Facts heard on latest episode

Here are the top 5 Fab Facts heard on Episode 11 of Newsy Pooloozi.

FAB FACT NUMBER 1: Human excrement (otherwise known as poo!) can be analyzed or studied to check for signs of parasites, bacteria and viruses.

FAB FACT NUMBER 2: Scientists can analyze the waste water or sewage from a community to track diseases, like the coronavirus.

FAB FACT NUMBER 3: A sewer is the underground collection of pipes from houses and drains in a neighborhood.

FAB FACT NUMBER 4: Cricket is an English bat-and-ball sport that can last for 3-5 days per game, while the Indian Premier League is an annual tournament between eight teams that plays a shorter three hour version of the game.

FAB FACT NUMBER 5: A jetpack is a device worn over the shoulders, like a backpack, using jet propulsion – that means spitting out special gas or liquid, at such a high speed, it propels or thrusts the person wearing it into the air.