5 Fab Facts (Episode 13)

Sep 24, 2020

fab facts

5 Fab Facts heard on latest episode

Below are the top 5 Fab Facts heard on Episode 13 of Newsy Pooloozi!

In this episode we told the story of the supreme rebel, girl Ruth Bader Ginsburg, including how she got the nickname, “The Notorious RBG.” We also heard about Microsoft’s experimental underwater data capsule and how well it performed during its two years at sea… The story of Kamal Singh, the Indian son of a rickshaw driver who only learned ballet when he was 17-years-old, but three years later is on his way to the English National Ballet School… What a gobble-funker is and who’s the Master gobble-funker of all time… And the tip-toeing tale of a rather scary guest that sauntered into a South African resort, frightening guests as they ate their breakfast.

And the top fab facts that came out of all that were:

FAB FACT NUMBER 1: Many countries – including India, Britain and the US – have a Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the land.

FAB FACT NUMBER 2: In the USA the president gets to nominate the candidates to the supreme court with the approval of the Senate.

FAB FACT NUMBER 3: A data center is a physical place that stores hundreds or thousands of hard-drives, servers and other computer components. It can be a room in a building or several buildings put together.

FAB FACT NUMBER 4: One Google search uses the same amount of electricity as a LED light bulb on for 3 minutes.

FAB FACT NUMBER 5: Roald Dahl was a fighter pilot in World War II before he became a  writer and a master gobblefunker, who made up 500 words.