5 Fab Facts Quiz (Episode 39)

Mar 26, 2021

fab facts

5 Fab Facts heard on latest episode

Episode 39 of Newsy Pooloozi was packed and rather wacky. First up, we looked at pandemic pets – more people than ever are getting new cats and dogs – but it’s creating some craaaazy demands on the market, the owners and on the pets! We also revealed the most popular pet names given in the UK during the pandemic. The World Happiness Report was out too – listen to find out what that is and which country is the happiest. And what would you do to get your favorite dish for free? You’ll never believe what some people in Taiwan are doing for salmon sushi. And, finally, get ready to be in awe at the latest Rubik’s Cube record breaker, Atharva R Bhat from India.

Have a listen and then…