Featured in the Indian Express!

Oct 22, 2020

We are super stoked to be featured in another big Indian newspaper! The Indian Express is one of country’s leader newspapers, which is super well regarded.

It was one of our longest features in a traditional question and answer format in which I totally fessed up to several things – from being a podcast addict to not being a crafty mommy!

“I’m not a crafty mama! My daughter is a self-titled ‘podcast nerd’, and so am I. We are always listening to a podcast, especially in the lockdown, when there is so much cooking and cleaning to do. I knew Leela would be excited about producing a podcast of her own,” she tells indianexpress.com, describing how the mother-daughter duo came up with India’s first children’s news podcast, ‘Newsy Pooloozi’. In an email interaction, both Lyndee and Leela talk about their love for news, the relevance of podcasts in the effective dissemination of stories, collaborating with other young contributors from around the world, and the importance to picking topics that are child-friendly, among other things.

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