Fab Facts gets a “facelift”

Jan 18, 2021

So we’ve decided to give our segment “5 Fab Facts” a facelift as we’ve had some fab (get it?) feedback from teachers who listen and use Newsy Pooloozi to help get their students interested in current events.

Since every episode is full of general knowledge and background information – often needed to discuss what’s happening in the news – we like to end each episode with the top five fabulous facts heard every week. We even keep a record of them in this Lucky Dip blog section of our website. Both have proved to be super popular too (thank you very much for letting us know!).

Many teachers love listening to our podcast with their students or assigning it as fun non-screen-time homework. They’ve said it’s such a great way to get their kids to understand and get interested in current affairs, humanities/social studies and science. They’ve also said it’s helpful having mostly children reporters delivering this information as it helps their students relate to it better. Some teachers have also said they really like the written recap of the 5 Fab Facts blog and often turn it into a quiz.

So we’ve decided to make it easier for them – and turn the 5 Fab Facts into quiz questions too with a little tiktok timer to give our listeners a few seconds to answer each question before us. And the 5 Fab Facts blog will also recap the facts as questions-and-answers too, to make it easier for anyone who wants to use it as a Q&A.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – can’t we turn it into a proper online quiz… OK, OK. We hope to do this eventually. Rest assured it’s on our list of things to do!