Newsy Pooloozi’s 2021 resolutions!

Jan 11, 2021

Happy New Year! So this is the time to think about new beginnings, right? To evaluate the last 12 months and think about better ways – or just more fun and interesting ways – of doing things. OK, this year it’s a little weird as the world is still in the middle of a social distancing pandemic that has greatly altered what we can and can’t do. Still, we have some new goals for 2021 at Newsy Pooloozi that we thought we would share.

Transcripts of episodes

We would like to start putting transcripts of each episode out so that those who don’t get to listen to every word can read what we say. But also we’ve had requests for transcripts from listeners – for whom English is a second language – so they can use the podcast as a tool to help expand their vocabulary. They like that we offer real English conversations that are not stilted, super slow or fake (no androids here!) but which are, at the same time, geared towards younger people, so they can more easily grasp the conversation. So how can we refuse such requests?! We’ll try for the 2021 episodes first and if we get a chance will go back and do the old ones too. 

Podcast on YouTube

We have also been asked to put our podcast out on YouTube, just the audio and the cover artwork. I have struggled with this, I confess. YouTube is for videos not audio podcasts, right?! But everybody keeps saying it’s a great place for other people – who might not have found the delightful world of podcast and podcast apps – to find us. So that’s why we’re putting this on our 2021 resolution list.

Interestingly, when I discussed this with Leela she, like everyone, misunderstood and thought we were turning the podcast into a visual show. No. Video is way too expensive for that! However… since she seemed so excited about doing videos, we might indeed start doing something small on the more visual side if time and resources allow – so watch this space. (And if anyone has any video suggestions or opportunities that you think Newsy Pooloozi would be suited for please get in touch.) 

Fab Facts facelift

We also are going to give our weekly “5 Fab Facts” segment a facelift. We’re so excited about that one, we’ve written a whole other blog about it here.

OK – what do you think of our new year’s resolutions? Too ambitious and grand, or perfectly doable and a tad mediocre? We welcome all ideas! And what about yours then???

Happy new year y’all – let’s hope with our 2020 hindsight that this next year will be better!