Top 50 Moms in Podcasting!

May 9, 2021

Well, what a Mother’s Day treat this was.

As if getting French pastries, a bottle of bubbles and pedicure from my daughter, Leela’s, own fair hands weren’t enough for Mother’s Day (I have her and helper-dad well trained!)… I was delighted to be included in the “Top 50 Moms in Podcasting” for Podcast Magazine! Wow. Number 19 in fact.

The list includes mom podcasters from over 50 countries around the world. Whether those podcasters call it “Mother’s Day” or “Mothering Day,” the list is a way to recognize and celebrate “Moms who – in between loads of laundry, coordinating Zoom sessions for school, homeschooling, making doctor’s appointments, wiping away tears, kissing boo-boos, adjusting to partners now working from home, grocery shopping, and running a business – are still able to carve out the time to escape it all and share their knowledge, wisdom, expertise, tips, tricks, fears, and fun through podcasting.”

I think they nailed it.

Getting on this list is a huge thanks to our Newsy Pooloozi community, because this was a recognition that required votes from listeners as well as critical scrutiny from the magazine editors. So, really, thanks to all who took the time to vote for me!

Sending virtual hugs and gratitude.