We’re mentioned in the Top Trendsetting Podcasts for 2020!

Dec 14, 2020

We are over-the-moon to be mentioned in the School Library Journal’s top trendsetting podcasts of 2020 report! The prestigious US journal is the go-to publication for librarians and information specialists who work with children and teens. It’s been a quality source of information and reviews for more than 60 years, covering, according to their website, “literacy, best practices, technology, education policy and other issues of interest to the school library and greater educator community.”

In their annual podcast trendsetters review they acknowledge that it’s been a difficult year because of the global pandemic, but that 2020 has nonetheless been a booming year for the podcast.

“Children’s podcasting responded to the pandemic with episodes speaking to the moments children and families are experiencing, fortifying them with valuable information, and providing great storytelling, messages of empowerment, and off-screen learning. While adult podcast listening is down, with fewer people tuning in while commuting, children’s listening increased by 24 percent  in March, and by August, one in four children were tuning in to podcasts.”

The SLJ recognized that 2020 has been a year that was bursting with massive news stories, which impacted so many of us – from the pandemic to racial injustice – and that it’s no wonder that news podcasts for kids, like Newsy Pooloozi, have cropped up.

See the full article here.

Thank you, SLJ, for recognizing our passion and commitment to getting kids fired up about the news and becoming more informed, empathetic citizens of the word!