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China-Taiwan tensions, dog surfing, satellite girls, “kidpreneurs,” Little Miss memes

China-Taiwan tensions explained, surf’s pup – dog surfing, India’s satellite-making girls, “kidpreneurs” take off, Little Miss memes

Aug 10, 2022 Episode 111

Newsy Pooloozi: A kids news podcast for curious minds

Newsy Pooloozi: An Educational News Podcast for Kids

Newsy Pooloozi is a weekly kids news podcast for curious and open minds. Our educational podcast covers everything from top science news to the latest in tech, arts, culture, current affairs and more. Here’s a snappy lil’ trailer about how we started!

Each podcast episode also takes a deeper dive into our “Big Story of the Week”. These are bite-sized educational stories for kids — Spain’s ghost village, the US gun debate, heatwaves, and Martian lakes.

We also end each episode with an “Oddball Story”. These include the chocolate snow phenomenon in Switzerland, Hongkong’s jail for the dumbest thieves, or the cows with faces on their butts in Botswana.

Newsy Pooloozi is a news podcast for kids by kids. That’s why our correspondents are children from all over the world — Asia, Africa, Europe, UK and North America.

Oh… one last thing! The team behind Newsy Pooloozi, a grassroots educational podcast for kids, is a passionate mother-daughter duo. We’re also a proud member of the Kids Listen family and on Common Sense Media‘s list of children’s podcasts.

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NATO woes decoded, UK’s post-drone, microchip in footballs, jail for dumbest thieves

Russia furious at NATO’s Nordic expansion, UK’s post-drones take off, possible microchip in Aussie footballs, jail for Hong Kong’s...

May 18, 2022 Episode 99

Reptiles at risk, rocket catch-and-carry, lunar art, longest glass-bottom bridge

20% of reptile species risk extinction, rocket booster caught mid-air, heartful art heads to the moon, Vietnam’s glass-bottom bridge

May 11, 2022 Episode 98

Indian heatwave, Mother’s Day backstory, 10-armed octopus, whisky biofuel

Subcontinent heatwave, Mama mia! Mother’s Day history, 10-armed octopus fossil found, whisky waste becomes biofuel

May 4, 2022 Episode 97

Celebrating Eid, ants repair trees, Japan’s salty chopsticks, Spain’s smelly art

Celebrating Eid around the world, ants repair “trumpetrees” in Panama, Japan’s latest taste-tech, Spain’s smelly high art

Apr 27, 2022 Episode 96

Earth Day, India’s seaweed machine, UK’s forest eye, eco-bouncy castle

Earth Day history, how to celebrate it, India’s seaweed harvester, UK’s forest art keeps “eye on climate,” eco-bouncy castle

Apr 20, 2022 Episode 95