5 Fab Facts (Episode 24)

Dec 9, 2020

fab facts

5 Fab Facts heard on latest episode

Below are the top 5 Fab Facts heard on Episode 24 of Newsy Pooloozi!

In this episode you won’t believe the big news we had on the big man… Ho, ho… who? Not Santa Claus, but Jolly Old Saint Nick. And, of course, it’s not just the Christmas season – Happy Hanukkah! We found out why it’s celebrated for 8 days. Since it’s the “happy holidays,” we also had a big gift to video game lovers as we revealed a study that says playing video games – especially during lockdowns – is good for your mental health. We also heard how India has boarded the anti-plastic train. And we had not one, not two, but three oddball stories this week – just to make you smile thrice!

And the top fab facts that came out of all that were:

FAB FACT NUMBER 1: Saint Nicholas was a real Christian Saint, who lived around 300 years after the birth of Christ and was known for secretly giving gifts to the poor.

FAB FACT NUMBER 2: Santa Claus wasn’t really documented in a red suit until such drawings of him appeared in the American magazine, Harper’s Weekly, about a 140 years ago.

FAB FACT NUMBER 3: Santa-in-the-red-suit though, became iconic after the American drink company, Coco-cola, used such images in a massive advertising campaign in the 1920s.

FAB FACT NUMBER 4: Hanukkah is the festival of lights for Jewish people that celebrates the lighting of a sacred lamp after the destruction of temple, with a tiny amount of oil that miraculously burned on for 8 days.

FAB FACT NUMBER 5: Jewish people traditionally eat yummy, oily treats, like fried potato pancakes, called latkas, or stuffed jelly donuts, to remember how important oil is in the Hanukkah story.