Hey Black Child

Sep 3, 2020

Meet Jackson & Avery from Hey Black Child podcast

Hear from Jackson & Avery, who run the Hey Black Child podcast, on racial tensions and the Black Lives Matter movement in the US

As protests over racial abuse and inequality in the United States reach new heights, we realized Newsy Pooloozi could not ignore the topic, nor the Black Lives Matter movement.

While we try to deliver fun stories for our main audience of young children, we are a news podcast after all.

That is why we reached out to ten-year-old Avery Ausmer and her little brother Jackson, who is 7, from Cincinnati, Ohio. They are also children podcasters who started their show, Hey Black Child, in the summer of 2020.

What is Hey Black Child?

Each week, Hey Black Child talks about Black history, often featuring the people or topics that might not be taught in school. This includes incredible subjects, such as:

  • The difference between the terms Black and African American
  • The contributions of Black people to engineering
  • The military and how Black people have contributed to their rich history of protecting and serving the nation
  • Comic book superheroes, from Bumble Bee to Black Panther (#RestInPower Chadwick Boseman)
  • Hair and the history of hairstyles in Black culture

It’s already hugely popular. (And it’s no wonder!)

The podcast comes at an important time in America as people of all colors try to understand Black culture better. Never mind Avery and Jackson are adorable hosts. Check it out here.

Newsy Pooloozi collaborates with Hey Black Child

We are so happy they agreed to contribute to for Episode 10 and share their thoughts on the civil unrest, Black Lives Matter movement and life as black children in the US.

I suspect there will be more collaborations to come!

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