Dramarama – latest pandemic trend!

May 25, 2021

What’s all the drama about?

You mean besides a global pandemic, people getting sick and online school?!

How about the clever ways people are trying to keep kids – stuck at home for annoyingly long periods of time – entertained and enlightened? Well, the array of options is impressive and, this time, dramatic.

We’ve covered a lot these pandemic trends on the Newsy Pooloozi Podcast over the last few months.  One of our favorites has been the increase in online book clubs. But what about something for those more dramatically-inclined “dahlings?”

Online theatre workshops, of course.

Which are becoming quite The Thing. Because if you can’t gather on a stage, there’s always the small screen upon which you can “Zoom into character.” Another super cool aspects of these workshops is how international they can be. Since you’re not relying on being together on a stage, your drama troupe (troupe is fancy, French word for a group of performers, by the way) can be located all over the world.

On Episode 48 of our podcast we featured a Netherlands drama troupe, called Theater4Kids, which runs workshops for kids all over the world. We heard from four of its performers, who talked about their love of performing and how grateful they were to have an online outlet for their moments of drama!

Have a listen here.

And, in case you didn’t know, it takes a bit of effort to get a quality sound recording for being on a podcast, especially for guests who might not have special microphones or studios. The answer? Find a small and carpeted place – like a closet or under a bed (where Leela and I record every week!) – in which to do your recording, thus softening the echo and noise of larger, uncarpeted spaces. And if you don’t have those options – there  is always the tried-and-tested method of recording… under a blanket!

Check out these Theatre4Kids guests, who gamely did the needful (as they say here in India) and recorded their interview clips in closets and under blankets. Way to beat the echo, Joanna Bassey, Justin Fadahunsi, Vaanya Bhyana and Tofunmi Fagade!

And, if you’re interested in joining an online theatre workshops, check out your local theatres to see if they’re offering such courses or, of course, go international and tap into Theatre4Kids, dalhing.