Episode transcripts now available!

Feb 15, 2021

As a world news podcast we have a lot of listeners for whom English is a second language. For a while we’d been wondering – would they find it useful to have a transcript, which is the text of everything we say on each episode.

And guess what? Just as we were pondering this in came two requests from our listeners in Taiwan for… yep… transcripts! Serendipity or what?

So here we go. 

Henceforth we’ll be posting transcripts with every episode – including time codes so you can more easily follow along. (And we’re working on transcribing our first 33 episodes too!)

Our platform hosts, Simplecast, think including transcripts are a fab idea too. 

They say, “Transcription helps grow your audience by making your podcast both more discoverable and more accessible.”

And they aren’t alone. Some of the top podcasting consultants and media companies agree.

Like 3PlayMedia, which wrote on their website, “Podcasts are great storytelling tools that engage and delight audiences of all types. But with transcripts, you can get more out of your podcasts such as improved search engine rankings and better web accessibility. All in all, you’ll be serving up more value to more listeners, and you’ll have transcripts to thank for it.”

OK then. We’re on board.

And there’s another bonus too. People with hearing disabilities can now also enjoy a dip in the whirlpool of news and information – Newsy Pooloozi!