Newsy Jacuzzi changed its name!

Sep 29, 2021

Today the Newsy Jacuzzi was drained. Yes, we needed something bigger and splashier to hold all the swirling, whirling news we pack into our podcast each week.

(And something the Jacuzzi Group couldn’t hold a claim to.)

So out with Newsy Jacuzzi and in with…

Newsy Pooloozi keeps the fun and cadence of our former name, which podcast host Leela Sivasankar Prickitt (otherwise known as my daughter) and all our kid correspondents used to love saying.

We relaunched the weekly world news podcast as Newsy Pooloozi earlier today and have to say, so far, it’s proving pretty popular. And, best of all, Leela is finding many fun ways to say it. Go on, give it a try yourself. Newsy Pool-ooooozi!

Our website has also changed – as you can see – we’re now We will also have some super cool merch ready to share soon – stickers, pencils and tee-shirts. So get in touch if you want some!

Everything else stays the same

But, never fear, those are the only changes. We will still produce our weekly news podcast for curious kids and adults. And we’ll still start with the big story of the week – taking a deep dive (into the pooloozi) of a single newsy subject – before moving on to something in science, sport, tech or art, culture and entertainment (dahling). We’ll still have a wrap of the other big news stories making headlines “around the world in 80 seconds” and we’ll still end with the most oddball story of the week to make sure listeners go away with a smile.

And, yes, we’ll continue to pull out the five most fabulous general knowledge facts that we used to explain our stories, which will be in a quiz at the end of the podcast. We’ll still have a written version of the quiz found here, on our newly named website,  so anyone (hello, teachers and students) can take the quiz later to really make sure you were listening.

It’s just our name that’s changing. And for the better, don’t you think?

So, go on, dive on in to the Newsy Pooloozi! Subscribe – wherever you get your podcasts – so you never miss an episode. And, why not give us a rating and review too, while you’re at it? Pretty please. It really helps other curious kids and adults find us. Or, better still, tell a friend about us. So you can all have some splashy topics to talk about!