Vroom Broom VS Magical Mask

Nov 19, 2020

Brazil is a country in South America where art and innovation often come together. And sometimes the results are… wacky. Wonderfully wacky. And we have two examples of this.

We couldn’t decide which story was the best, so we did both and want our listeners to tell us which is the best oddball story of the week!

First up…

The Magical Mask

So, what does a talented artist, who used to earn a living helping create the magical world of Rio De Janiero’s famous carnival, do when a pandemic comes along? When there’s no carnival, hardly any tourists and so, little work?

Well, what’s the one area that’s booming? Protective gear.

Why not get Jorge Roriz to paint your portrait – or at least the bottom half of your face – onto a mask. And never be hidden because of your protection again?

Vroom Broom

Well, that other Brazilian city, Sao Paulo, is famous, not for a carnival, but for baaaad traffic. And what do you do if you’re clever and in a hurry? (And probably a Harry Potter fan. Or a witch.)

Well,  you get yourself a broomstick, attach it to a wheel that has a motor. Presto. You’ve got a broom that goes “vroom-vroom.” Basically,  it’s like a unicycle except instead of pedals, there is a motor, and a broom to help you balance and steer. Just like Harry Potter and the rest of the Hogwarth gang.

Except you can’t fly.

But the two Brazilian buddies that created this contraption – Vinícius Sanctus and Alessandro Russo – say it takes a bit of balance. But eventually it can go up to 37 miles, or 60 kilometers, per hour!

That’s pretty good going for us Muggles – or non-magic people, as Harry Potter fans know. And when can we buy this muggles mobile? Actually, we prefer the name, “Vroom Broom.” Right now there are only two of these vroom brooms made. But the Brazilian duo have plans to make more and sell them for around $700.

So, which story do you think is better???

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