What are podcasts, anyway?

Aug 31, 2020

why follow podcasts for kids

why follow podcasts for kids

Wondering what podcasts are and why follow podcasts for kids? Read on to know more.


“What is a podcast?” asked my daughter’s friend.

“Fun stuff to listen to. No videos. Just listening,” was Leela’s response.

“Like music?” asked the friend.

“Sometimes. But mostly jokes and funny noises. And facts. You know, like real information,” said Leela. “Or sometimes stories, like fairy tales. But usually ones I’ve never heard before.”

And I think that’s a pretty good definition of podcasts. Children’s podcasts anyway.


Sadly adult podcasts have fewer jokes or funny noises and the fairy tales sometimes aren’t identified as such, but they are usually full of information.

Put another way – to us old enough to know – a podcast is just radio accessed online. Some of it is just chat, but others are highly produced fusions of sounds and information. Podcasts can be found on just about any topic under the sun.


Now you can listen to a podcast wrapped up in a blanket with your eyes closed, like Lander De Koster, aka “Story Chief,” says in his great piece about why podcasts are becoming so popular.

Or, if you’re like me and my daughter, you can… multitask. We listen while we’re cooking, definitely while we’re cleaning, sometimes while we’re bathing and for sure when we’re stuck in traffic trying not to go crazy.

Leela can’t do her chores anymore without listening to a podcast. Usually it’s a repeat of an episode of her beloved Wow in the World. She also adores Eleanor Amplified, Circle Round and The Past and The Curious. And apparently she’s not alone.

In a survey by Kids Listen, the advocacy organization for children’s podcasts, they found 80% of kids listen to a podcast more than once. Twenty percent of those pod-crazy-kids listen to a single episode TEN times! Leela’s  record  is seven, so she has a way to go. Point is… kids who are introduced to podcasts fall in love with them.

And best of all – it’s screen-free fun that inspires a lot of conversation!

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PS… For more on this have a read of this terrific article from Today’s Parent: The ultimate parents’ guide to podcasts for kids.