5 Fab Facts Quiz (Episode 40)

Apr 1, 2021

fab facts

5 Fab Facts heard on latest episode

Happy Holi, Happy Easter and April Fools’!

In Episode 40 of Newsy Pooloozi hear all about the different customs and festivals celebrating Spring. Also, did you know Spain is trying out a four-day work week? And can you believe there is a pollution-eating plant – coincidentally named the cotoneaster shrub? NASA sent a special “breath box,” piggy-backing on the Perseverance Rover to Mars – find out what it’s doing on the red planet. Also, hear all about the craziest candy on the market!

And this week, as a special festive treat, there were five unbelievable stories – four are totally true, but one will April Fool you!

Have a listen to discover which one here and then…

How well did you listen?