Feb 13, 2021

LOOKY-LOOKY? What’s that, you ask? We want to share all the super cool stories we’ve found around the world that don’t make it into the weekly podcast but are still worth a look. A looky-looky in fact!

On our hunt for good news stories to cover in Newsy Pooloozi we come across a LOT of cool stuff that we just don’t have room for. And it’s been interesting working with Leela on what we should put into the podcast every week and what we have to drop because we don’t have room to squeeze it all in.

And when I say we, I genuinely mean both of us. To my delight Leela has not only become more fired up about news, but has also started to suggest story ideas she’s come across herself. All by herself. But sometimes it’s overwhelming. (Be careful what you wish for, right?)

Needless to say there are a LOT of cool things happening in the world that we think other kids and parents would find fascinating too. Not only are they great conversation starters but they can be mind benders too, which is always a fun way to stretch a child’s intelligence. Or just pass the time.

But Leela and I get a bit bummed each week at the vast amount of stories we don’t cover. And while it’s a bit of a shame we can’t feature them all in our weekly episodes of News Pooloozi, we can… pass them on to members of our community!

Because such stories are not only a great way to get kids fired up about news (read more on that here), but sometimes when you’re cuddled up together on a lazy Sunday or maybe when you’ve arrived early for some appointment, don’t you wish you had a go-to place to find cool, kid-safe content – an “ahhhh” video or a jaw-dropping story or some really ace space or tech news – to see or read together?

Well, here you go. If you’re ever at a loss about what to share with your kids – fear not. We’re starting our LOOKY-LOOKY ALERT for you on our Facebook community page here.

And if you think you’ve got some cool content to add to the list – please share, adding the tag: LOOKY-LOOKY, so that it can be found easily.