Newsy Pooloozi turns 1!

Jul 1, 2021

Happy birthday to us.

Happy birthday to us.

Happy birthday to Newsy Pooloozi –

OMG, we’re one year old!

Happy birthday to us!

Yes, we just completed 52 weeks of podcasting our weekly world news podcast for kids and families. Wow! How did we do it? Well, with a lot of curiosity, consistency, sweat and popcorn. Plus a huge helping of love and support from our loyal listeners. So, really, thank you all so much!

Not bad going for what started as a lockdown project, right? 

So for those who don’t know why a world news podcast became our passion, here’s our backstory.

Leela is half-American, half-Indian and was born in Britain, which means she has family all over the world.  And when we couldn’t see them and all the cool places they live thanks to the nasty old coronavirus, well, we had to bring the world to us. 

I mean, what else could we do locked up in a hot New Delhi apartment? (Believe it or not, we got sick of baking cookies and bread! ) So we produced a world news podcast instead. As you do.

It helped that Leela and I are both huge podcast nerds (read: addicts), listening to about five to ten podcasts every day between us. So it’s no surprise we just love sniffing out the best stories from all over the world.  And not just politics and disasters, like the mainstream media. We mostly cover the coolest science, space, nature, animal, tech, sports, arts, cultural and entertainment. Plus, of course, a regular dose of odd (very odd) news nuggets to make sure you’re informed with a smile.

And for our one year anniversary we took a look back at some of our – and your – favorite stories we’ve covered on Newsy Pooloozi. The top-ten, in fact, spread across two different episodes. Check them out here (for the 10-5 countdown) and here (for the 5-1 countdown) to hear what was chosen as your favorite!

Thanks again for listening. Now tell a friend too!