Under-bed Recording Studio

Jul 8, 2020

newsy jacuzzi recording studio

newsy jacuzzi recording studio

Where is our HQ aka the Newsy Pooloozi recording studio? Read on to find out!

When you record quality sound, you are in a quiet place. But you would be amazed how loud air conditioners or refrigerators sound on a recording. But that’s not all.

Sound bounces all over the place, especially off hardwood or marble floors. And walls and ceilings too. That’s why the professionals have a sound-proof studio covered in foam (no kidding).

But we can’t go to a professional studio, can we, because we’re in the middle of a tiresome pandemic. So, like thousands of other podcasters all over the world, we had to find the quietest, most padded spot in the house.

Most people use their closets. Cute, right? But we don’t have any of those in our house, annoyingly. So about two days of every week, we dive under a bed to record Newsy Pooloozi! It’s cozy, let me tell ya — our unconventional, under-the-bed Newsy Pooloozi recording studio.

P.S. Check out our snappy lil’ trailer yet? If the answer’s no, then here you go!