We made the “20 Best British News Podcasts of 2021” list!

May 31, 2021

Well, what a treat to open up our email and find out we’ve been selected as one of the “20 Best British News Podcasts of 2021” by the digital magazine, Best Startup UK. Why, thank you, thank you! And we’re in some pretty impressive company too, including Monocle 24: The Globalist, by the prestigious Monocle magazine, a media house, coincidentally, to which I am a regular contributor.

Best Startup UK works tirelessly at showcasing the best of British business “that are making a difference.” And it’s clearly on a push to recognize podcasts and get more people listening, which we heartily support!

Podcasts listening is one of the biggest growing trends in media consumption today. It appeals to all the time-crunching multitaskers among us. Listening to a podcast is the most efficient way to consume information (and usually be amused), while doing life’s tedious tasks: commuting to work, sitting in traffic, washing dishes, rearranging your closet. So it’s no wonder there’s been an explosion of content in the past year. But where does a new listener begin to sort through the ever-growing number of available podcasts on offer?

Well, lists like Best Startup UK is a great place to start. Podcast Magazine is also a place with lots of regular “best of” lists and coverage on podcasts. In fact, yours truly was recently listed as one of the Top 50 Moms in Podcasting! (thank you!). And there is also the venerable New York Times, which listed us as one of the  “30 Best Podcasts” for kids list. And the list, as they say, goes on.

Podcasts are great for adults and kids alike. Whether you’re using it to distract you from dull tasks or you’re coloring a book or simply flopping out and listening – podcasts are a great SCREEN-FREE way to be entertained, usually while learning something and expanding your horizons.

And get this. In a survey by Kids Listen, the advocacy organization for podcasters producing content for kids, they found 80% of children listen to a podcast more than once. Twenty percent of those pod-crazy-kids listen to a single episode TEN times! My daughter and co-host of Newsy Pooloozi, Leela, has a record  of seven listens to the same episode, so she has a way to go. Point is… kids who are introduced to podcasts fall in love with them.

So, thanks Best Startup UK for championing podcasts and putting us on your list!